I'm Just Kidding But She's Not

I was kidding with one of my friend at her FB and I didn't know that she take it seriously. I couldn't sleep on that night due to my flu and GRED. Early in the morning I saw my friend P.Hua Lim she was just posting her Bao pictures sharing in the FB. Why the hell got people not sleeping and went to making Bao one??? So I left my comments and told her "In the middle of the night not sleeping and posting this kind of photo only making people suffering only" which is true right!!! 
Seriously I was joking on that time and I didn't mean that I really want to eat it. Mana tau the next day she really send some to my house....
I feel really touching lah... Walaupun it doesn't look like outside selling one and not passed it but still I think this is the best Char Sau Bao and Black Bean Bao I ever had(cross finger). Thanks P.Hua Lim I really really appreciate that and guess what it was finish in just 30 minutes, the only person got complaint it my dad... Please forgive him..he is an old man coz orang tua always complaint one lah. I kinda like it especially the black bean bao.. It so delicious.. I love it. Hopefully you can success it next time.