Banana Leaf Ayam Penyet

Wow...... friends I think this place is really hard to tell you how to find the place... Look like very easy but actually very hard.. If you are the Kampong Kiarong residents maybe you know how to find lah, if you never been here before just slowly drive sure you can get there. From day time you drive down from the Ripas highway to Gadong just come down from the hill I'm sure you hardly notice that there is a new place for Ayam Penyet here. Night time is easy to notice.. Look at your left hand side after you came down from the Ripas highway hill. 
How to get there? Come in from the Baiduri Bank simpang, then all the way go in to the Kampong Kiarong... Up hill Down hill left right left right slow slow see see look look one the Left simpang got and WHITE ARROW and slowly go in sure you can see the Banner on the right then at the end is the place.... Wow friends very hard to tell where is it right.. see the Maps there lah.

Very cross to the highway but because we drive too fast hardly to notice it. 

So what so special about this place Ayam Penyet? First of all I think the place is unique second is how they presented the dishes. Ayam Penyet with banana leaf here are the 1st time I see got like this. Second is the Soto.. Look at the picture yourself then you know what I mean.

I went to try it with my wife and I ordered the AP and she ordered Soto. Overall the AP taste good, if you like chicken to be fried crispy and love spicy I think this one sure you like one. 

I like the way they put Soto like this... Today I had open my eyes.. I never thought that Soto also can be serve in way. Look like the Sup Ubat Cina... Not only it looks good but also taste good too. Inside the soto they also got put in 2 biji of Kuih Begedil. Again I never see got people serve in that way.. If you are a Soto kaki and you should come and try it my friends... 

This soto is near to my house so if next time I feel like want to eat soto I guess this is soto is my first choose.

Frankly talk talk... is a bit hot here and only have one FAN yet is put in front the Rice Cooker and Soup Warmer... apa inda panas!!! 

I like this place... So Kampong Look one!! Like back in P.Ramlee black and white movie time... sweet!!

The menu.... 

Panggang Fish also have here...

Looks not bad right... I didn't try so don't know taste good or not!! Maybe next time I try lah!!!

Don't Play Play.......

Ok.... now go away..... go go go.... wu wu!!! 
Don't attack me please~~~~~ T.T

Masuk form the Kiarong Baiduri Bank......