Adau Gayoh Festival

 This is my first time I attended the Dusun's New Year and also my first time I visit Dusun resident. I was surprise to see my wife's dusun relative are staying in modern style house, seriously at first I really thought that their house is the old skoll wooden house sekali I step in the living... wah.. so nice and stylish lah!!! You really can't imagine the Dusun house look so nice, I felt I'm so out date lah!!!
But still some of the thing that they never change. Like the culture and how they live loh.
They still growing their own foods like rice and vege and can live by their own... Walaupun the whole world are hit by the economy crises  still there is nothing effected them. I feel kinda admirer  their life... No doubt the life is a bit harder.. everyday have to go down to the farm and padi to work.. but still they not need to depends one anyone... all done by themselves. 
Selamat Adau Gayoh to all the Dusun friends...

I'm not sure what is that hang on the main door but I think maybe is to protect the family members in the house lah!

Foods are ready to serve.

My daughter met her new relative. 

Chit chat time!!!

I don't understand how they caught this birds.... 

Scoby....push.... push harder...push!!!!