Home Sweet Home

Finally we back home... for the past 2 weeks and 3 days now me and my wife can really really relax and enjoy our holidays coz we no need to look after our daughter, chasing her and running around to feed her. Is been a long while I didn't touch any computer, luckily I still haven't forget how to type...hehehe. 
I'll started blogging and update my blog and sharing with you all that what, where, when happen during my trip, and also I'll update again what's up on Brunei too when I'm not around here. 
TIGERLIM™ is ready to Rock 'n' Roll!!!  

Man Commits Suicide After Jumping Off Burj Khalifa

Mid-Year Family Trip

People got this "Mid Year Grand Sale"or "Mid Year Promotion" but  me I have this Mid Year Family Trip. So this time is gonna say hello to Kuala Lumpur, Perth and Brisbane. The trip is about 17 days ngam ngam until the end of this month lah. Tomorrow we have to catch the 9am flight. This time I'm not bringing any laptop with my vacation reason too much heavy and stuff to bring, I just my phone and camera so maybe I not be able update my blog for this coming 2 weeks plus. I wanna really enjoy our trip this time so if there got computer then I baru update my blog but I think I'll just post picture on my Facebook only lah. Malaysia Foods.... here we come!!!!

Recycle Bin

If got like this surely awesome!!! hahaha

What's Next Coming Soon

Now already May still not yet summer ka? When is it going to release this OS X Lion Oh???
I wait for this almost my neck long like giraffe liao lo... why still haven't  got see any shadow of this kan!!!
I think maybe this is an another marketing plans of Apple lah... 
Last month until now we got iPad2 for Asia market then white iphone4 then now got new iMac... so what's next? See.... every time is like that one bah... once you see the Asia market all Apple produce line  semua all come out already then they sure going to show the world their new Greatest Invention...
Last press release Steve Jobs said 2010 is their year of iPad(in 9 months) and they want 2011 also the year of Ipad2, don't know coming next he also going say 2010 is their year of iPhone4 and 2011 also wanna to be the year of iPhone5 or not oh!!! I guess iPhone5 is really coming very very soon.. and I can't wait to see it how it looks like. Some say is almost look the same with iPhone4 with no 3 gap around the phone.  Wait a minutes.... did any one this time found an iPhone5 in the Bar again? Or maybe you think is an iPhone3 that you found in the ladies room but actually maybe is an iPhone5 tu!!! But think about it I still prefer the iPhone4 story at last year... So dramatic... sampai FBI also come out and search the guy's house and confiscated his computer and other stuff and gadget too.

Say true true one lah... what kind of gadget or great invention Apple make they still have created one feature I want which is " Water Resistant/Waterproof ". You see if my iPhone, iPad, iPod or iPod Touch all can play under the rain, beaches, swimming pool, jacuzzi, Spa, bathtub isn't it gonna be more so awesome? You see we can play music, watch video and play games during shower or the kids can play iPad in the pool with some water apps.... Wah friend if can like that one sure Apple going to earn another multi billions again!!!    

Let The Time To Be The Judgement

Finally 10:42am had passed away...yet there is no 0.01 magnitude earthquake hit on Taiwan so which mean that the Teacher Wong is a lier. I don't know why he want to do that la but the only thing I can guess maybe he want to be come famous... hehehe...  Don't Play Play with his lie man.... so power one lah some people believe of what he say, move to stay with him but now there is hundreds of container there and I don't know what he doing to do with it. Container is still Ok lah.. put ten years also still can use but the 27 tons/9000 bags of rice I really how he going to eat with it lah!!!

Say true true one lah.... I personally and many people also would like to see his prediction is true or not... although earthquake is not a good news for everyone but what if there is true true got earthquake? Everyone sure also wanted to know how he can predicted so accuracy there...
Funny think is not only him in Taiwan got predict earthquake, In Italy Rome there also the same same. Some of the Italian take a off day no working going outside the house with their family and not sending their children to school just to prevent the earthquake prediction by Raffaele Bendani on 1915. check here.
Anyway..... no disaster is good one lah.. and also we don't want it to be happen too. But any kind of disaster like earthquake, tornado, landslide, hurricane happen in anyway I also don't worries, even like the Mississippi flooded now almost the size like the Italy that big already... for me is still Ok!!! As long as don't tell me the Sahara Desert get flood then is Ok liao... If there got flood I don't know where to go liao lo!!!

True or Not? 14 Magnitude????

There is an old man who in live in Taiwan identifying himself as Teacher Wang. He tell the whole world that he had predicted on the 11th May 2011 at 10:42 am there is a 14 magnitude Mega Earthquake hit on the Taiwan. Wah.... friend true or not O... 14 magnitude earthquake don't play play man!!! And he also said that the island north and south going to separate in to two, the building of taiwan 101 break into 3 part, the  Taiwan Presidential Office gonna collapse. Next is hit by the 170 meter high tsunami and there is more than half population of Taiwan people going to die...

Hahahahaha...... ya lah of coz for us we think this is a prank and joke but for him is not leh..... He had bought 33 of container at the south part of taiwan.Staying in the container is the only way to save the life he added. Funny things is there is some people also believe of what he said. They also follow him to buy container together with him and place on the same area. At the moment there is about 200 container over that place... isn't it insane?  Don't play play... their container also go provide water and electric power supply. Ok now they have their own water and power...guess what Master Wong 2 days ago he had order 9000 bag of rice weight 27 tons it can supply for a army camp for 1 year to eat man!!! 
Hahaha..... I really can't wait to see is it true of not..... Wah so steady ka like that also can predict.
Tomorrow is the May 11 and I want to sit in front  the TV see the taiwan got break into 2 pieces or not.. If this is true I don't know I should cry or laugh for this!!!
If you want to see true true english version of this news you can visit the BBC wed site and see see look look. click here. or here The Watcher.


Hahahaha...... anyone who wanted to buy the Apple new iPad 3?  Is called HumanCentiPad. I tell you this is an awesome new invention gadget by the Apple. Is an combination of Human and Electronic. Not sure how much it cost yet  coz it just an prototype at the moment hahaha.....

No lah there is no such thing is like that one lah... this is just the south park Tv series part of the story nya lah! But I tell you oh.... is really really damm funny lah!! Don't play play ah.. next time you download the apps or update the iTunes make sure you have read all the T&C then you click agree if not one day you become part of the HumanCentiPad tu!!! Click here to down load the video!

Adau Gayoh Festival

 This is my first time I attended the Dusun's New Year and also my first time I visit Dusun resident. I was surprise to see my wife's dusun relative are staying in modern style house, seriously at first I really thought that their house is the old skoll wooden house sekali I step in the living... wah.. so nice and stylish lah!!! You really can't imagine the Dusun house look so nice, I felt I'm so out date lah!!!
But still some of the thing that they never change. Like the culture and how they live loh.
They still growing their own foods like rice and vege and can live by their own... Walaupun the whole world are hit by the economy crises  still there is nothing effected them. I feel kinda admirer  their life... No doubt the life is a bit harder.. everyday have to go down to the farm and padi to work.. but still they not need to depends one anyone... all done by themselves. 
Selamat Adau Gayoh to all the Dusun friends...

I'm not sure what is that hang on the main door but I think maybe is to protect the family members in the house lah!

Foods are ready to serve.

My daughter met her new relative. 

Chit chat time!!!

I don't understand how they caught this birds.... 

Scoby....push.... push harder...push!!!!

Crazy...Like That Also Can!!!

We can't blame this people one coz some of them no school high high and they not smart enough to think the coins is dirty and shouldn't place it on the Cold Cut slicing table. Don't one side packing the luncheon meat and the other side counting the coins there... is not hygiene one you know!
FYI people normally don't eat the cold cut with cooking it, so maybe the school high high one supervisor or manager can teach them and don't do the same mistake again. 


Last thing he do before he die!

Ya you may think this is funny but think about it it could be this is the last thing of what he do when the SEAL team came to attack him. I think the date of they get him is the day of Williams and Kate wedding loh... na you see ha... Obama announce Osama dead is at the White House  1st of May 11pm something. 
So from to the attack to the transport the body to the DNA checking and then to confirm and Obama make announcement don't you think is possible on the 29th April of the Royal Wedding? Possible kan!!
Everyone in the whole world also watching the royal wedding and do you think he don't watch? I'm sure he also update the info and see who is the future queen of England one right...    

The Real NatGeo's Angry Bird

I see many people had share the link of National Geographic  found this bird it look like the popular game Angry Bird. Let me tell you lah... this is the fake one lah... Is edited by someone out there. He/She using a kind of bird name Cardinal and edit one!!! See the picture below and that is the original photo of the bird. Anyway I like the fake Angry Bird as well walaupun is the fake one. If really got bird look like this I'll sure this bird gonna be the number one new pet for the angry bird lover... including me also love to has one!!!

Wonderful Dinner @ Pondok Seri Wangi

Soto Gentong

I'm having a wonderful dinner with my family at the Pondok Seri Wangi(Gadong) Thanks to the owner to order and introducing us what food to eat. Frankly speaking I like to eat Asian food especially a little bit spicy type but the problem is we always don't know what to order and which dish to try. Always come and go just trying the same dishes. We always need somebody to teach us or introduce what and how to eat. So after some couples of time eating at PSW now I more and more understand about this Indonesia's food. I started to like their food here and I found it suit my taste. If you wanted to have Indonesia cuisine in Brunei here, I strongly recommended to try on their foods here. Here are the some food which I started to like and I'm sure you gonna like it too as well.

Sate Daging Wagyu

Iga Penyet Sari Wangi

Ayam Bakar Wong Solo

Deep Fried Tofu Eggs.

 The Avocado Juice.

Es Shanghai.

How US Army Got Osama???

Banana Leaf Ayam Penyet

Wow...... friends I think this place is really hard to tell you how to find the place... Look like very easy but actually very hard.. If you are the Kampong Kiarong residents maybe you know how to find lah, if you never been here before just slowly drive sure you can get there. From day time you drive down from the Ripas highway to Gadong just come down from the hill I'm sure you hardly notice that there is a new place for Ayam Penyet here. Night time is easy to notice.. Look at your left hand side after you came down from the Ripas highway hill. 
How to get there? Come in from the Baiduri Bank simpang, then all the way go in to the Kampong Kiarong... Up hill Down hill left right left right slow slow see see look look one the Left simpang got and WHITE ARROW and slowly go in sure you can see the Banner on the right then at the end is the place.... Wow friends very hard to tell where is it right.. see the Maps there lah.

Very cross to the highway but because we drive too fast hardly to notice it. 

So what so special about this place Ayam Penyet? First of all I think the place is unique second is how they presented the dishes. Ayam Penyet with banana leaf here are the 1st time I see got like this. Second is the Soto.. Look at the picture yourself then you know what I mean.

I went to try it with my wife and I ordered the AP and she ordered Soto. Overall the AP taste good, if you like chicken to be fried crispy and love spicy I think this one sure you like one. 

I like the way they put Soto like this... Today I had open my eyes.. I never thought that Soto also can be serve in way. Look like the Sup Ubat Cina... Not only it looks good but also taste good too. Inside the soto they also got put in 2 biji of Kuih Begedil. Again I never see got people serve in that way.. If you are a Soto kaki and you should come and try it my friends... 

This soto is near to my house so if next time I feel like want to eat soto I guess this is soto is my first choose.

Frankly talk talk... is a bit hot here and only have one FAN yet is put in front the Rice Cooker and Soup Warmer... apa inda panas!!! 

I like this place... So Kampong Look one!! Like back in P.Ramlee black and white movie time... sweet!!

The menu.... 

Panggang Fish also have here...

Looks not bad right... I didn't try so don't know taste good or not!! Maybe next time I try lah!!!

Don't Play Play.......

Ok.... now go away..... go go go.... wu wu!!! 
Don't attack me please~~~~~ T.T

Masuk form the Kiarong Baiduri Bank......

I'm Just Kidding But She's Not

I was kidding with one of my friend at her FB and I didn't know that she take it seriously. I couldn't sleep on that night due to my flu and GRED. Early in the morning I saw my friend P.Hua Lim she was just posting her Bao pictures sharing in the FB. Why the hell got people not sleeping and went to making Bao one??? So I left my comments and told her "In the middle of the night not sleeping and posting this kind of photo only making people suffering only" which is true right!!! 
Seriously I was joking on that time and I didn't mean that I really want to eat it. Mana tau the next day she really send some to my house....
I feel really touching lah... Walaupun it doesn't look like outside selling one and not passed it but still I think this is the best Char Sau Bao and Black Bean Bao I ever had(cross finger). Thanks P.Hua Lim I really really appreciate that and guess what it was finish in just 30 minutes, the only person got complaint it my dad... Please forgive him..he is an old man coz orang tua always complaint one lah. I kinda like it especially the black bean bao.. It so delicious.. I love it. Hopefully you can success it next time.