Save Or Not Now?

I missed to have Japanese foods..... I think I got more than 1 months did not having Japanese cuisine at any local Japanese restaurant sudah.... Yalah... due to the radioactive loh... Don't know when it gonna be end. I always have the question and would like to know.... How do we know the sea food we makan one is save to put into our mouth. I don't mean the local sea food lah of coz. What I mean is all the import Salmon, Tuna, Unagi or Octopus we have in those Japanese restaurant. Do they have the certificate example like the Halal one put on the counter's wall to tell the customers that their beefs and chickens all are halal. So all those Japanese restaurant can follow like that... A certificate that can say all the sea food they imported all are save.. "No Nuclear Radioactive" so people are trust and save to dine in their restaurant.

Wait a minute...... I know it sound weird with this idea. Why the hell got certificate to tell that restaurant's food got no radioactive one..... hahahaha yes it sound stupid!! But who knows eventually our future all the packs, cans or bottles all F&B; not only got the Nutrition Fact and Halal sign but also got the ''No Radioactive" sign print on the packing? Yes... is hard to say one... just talk about the "MILK" long long time ago where got telling you their milk with the "UHT", "LOW FAT" , "HIGH CALCIUM", "Halal" Omaga 1+2+3, Vitamin A-Z and all kind of unknown name printed on the packing.... Why got all this sign printed there? Is because people wanted to live better life and save!!! This is to improve and show their produce are save and make customer to trust with their produces. 
Who's Know Right??? We never know.... We never know when this day it come... Sign with "No Nuclear Radioactive" print on the food's packing we eat!!!!