Once In The Blue Moon

This is great..... Finally I met my long lost friend "ONEMB" once again with my Go!Bband.... wa friend I so long time no see you sudah. But too bad we didn't hang out for long.. just about 3 hours  started form 2.30am to 5.30am at this morning.... I also don't know why I'm so lucky got chance met him. I was in the middle of the sleep but all of sudden my daughter she cry or her Puting... so after I put her into sleep again and I couldn't fall asleep anymore, So I play play with my FB lah.. Then I notice every video I watch all very fast to upload... Wah not bad man... like this also can happen in the early in the morning!!! Then I use my phone to check the speed ( I got wifi with BB) I found out that I has 1.28 mb with the DL speed.. not bad right!!! I so miss the time it use to have like this.. I remember dulu-dulu when we bought it every time we watch YT, video play half way it already finish loaded!! NOW.... we have to let it finish DL then we can play!!! 
When............. When can our internet can be come C&F (cheap&fast)?? I don't know I can have the day to wait it come true or not lah!!! T.T... "ONEMB" please come back again....Please!!!!