OhMyCard Official Launching

Tell you true true one... I no lie lie lah.. 
I did not really see their launching but I do really there yesterday. I was there early in the morning 9 am but too bad before the launch I have to leave due to my personal reason...
"I very very very very hungry...." hahahaha.... I cannot tahan at that time my stomach is like bing bing bong bong inside there. I can't wait for the launch to start and I went to ate breakfast with my friend at Bandar!!! what to do...... Eat is my first priority wat!!! If come to eat sorry lah I no "excuse me" one.
Talk about eat... here are the good lobang for you people. 
What is this OhMyCard? Is nothing to do with your losing card or credit card then you say like that( ya it does sound like losing the card) This is a privilege discount card to use when you makan at the participating restaurants. So far I see the list most of the restaurants are in Brunei-Muara area saja... Tutong, KB sorry at the moment I don't see in the list, Temburong of coz not need to say lah!!!
Wanna apply it go QQ any outlet they can do for you... pay $28.00 (six months) one or you can choose $48.00 (1 year) also can.
For you people always eat outside one is good to use lah... One year I think you can save more then few hundreds if you always eat on that listed restaurant. But for me no use one lah.... coz I'm that type of man "If it is good to eat I say good, No good I say no good" Once the restaurant I say no good one then I rugi  and cannot use over there liao lah.. Sayang and wasted to apply only!!! mmmmmm maybe I ask my wife to apply better again! Use her name so I no rugi hehehe