Nexus vs Godzila

Why some of the Hollywood movie's story always can came out first form the the big screen before it sometime really happen in our real live one oh... before they got this "The Day After Tomorrow", "2012"and now people start worry this is gonna happen. TV, National Geographic, Discovery and History Channel also taking about this. I don't know this is gonna happen or not but anyway this is none of my business. Coz if is gonna happen always only kena the Orang Putih country and the big and famous city saja... you never see our Asian country got disaster in the movie one... So we here are gonna be save...hahahahahah.
Now you see the Japan's Nuclear Power station disaster already one month sudah... still cannot solve and  yet the radioactive water pouring into the ocean.... adui....this time you say not Jialat also nobody believe one... Lucky we are far away from Japan at the moment not so serious kena us.. but in the future cannot janji lah!!! I don't worry the seafood cannot been eaten anymore coz I not a fish lover.... I only worry the Godzila movie one day gonna be real saja..... Later one day mana tau a Biawak really kana their radioactive and turn become Godzila.... Wah... by the time everyone gonna be very jialat liao O!!
But don't worry... by the time I'm sure the Ultraman  Nexus sure coming to save us!!!