Koropok Reborn???

Hey...are you surprise to see this again?? Me too... OMG I almost got more than 20 years didn't eat this already lo.. Yesterday one my friend bought this classic koropok to our chill up section and I saw shock to see this koropok alive again. I already totally forgotten this koropok during my primary school time until last night I buru remember his appear. If I wasn't mistaken this Chickadees macam already stop and no more manufacturing anymore. But now you can have it once again and find it at any mini mark. The packing is no more look like our school time one... is bigger than ever... 
Why the taste????
mmmmm....... not so bad... I can say is almost the same like last time we had. only the MSG wasn't that strong as what we had last time... This one is a bit soft and not that salty lo..
Can try and buy one to eat and I'm sure this one can bring back your budak's memories back...heheheh

It taste good but is not the one I had back to 1980's....