King Grouper / Long Tan 龙旦

This one I tell you brother.... REALLY REALLY DON'T PLAY PLAY one!!!! Best lah this fish!!! This kind of fish you seldom see one selling in the fish market. Once in the blue moon you maybe see one selling there lah.. Today I also don't know what wind I went to see see look look my friend at Beribi there. Then we talk talk for some time all of sudden received a call from Jerudong beach say there is a King Grouper for sell in the fish market. So we all go see see look look lah.. This fish weight nearly 47kg and the size was huge. Three of my friends they runding runding and talk talk....last last $18.00 per kg deal and sapu the fish!!! $837.00 for this Super Duper Giant Grouper!!! Awesome man!!!
Yes three of them spent eight hundred for this fish!!! Don't Play Play ah....
The scientific name of this fish is called Epinephelus Laceolatus. The fisherman said this fish it just size M only... still have bigger side for this. OMG lucky today they buy one is size M if is size L or XL then have to spend an thousand dollars to eat??? Whatever lah.... I just don't know how three of them to finish eating the fish... But one thing sure I know I was invited to one of my friend's house to eat this Long Tan tonight.. We gonna have Long Tan Kolomee.....hahahahahah!!!!

Look at the huge belly!!!! 

Friends.... not need to think already lah.... Just On for the fish lah!!! One year on time never mind one lah!!!

Counting counting..see how to share the market is it??

They spend more than half an hour to take down this fish!!!

The Three Musketeer. I salute you all!!!