Holy Shit!!!!

Omg........ this one bring to the car wash for $10.00 is really worth it man!!!! I went to the airport to do a mission and I saw this vehicle park under the tree. FYI at the airport car park there is some area are forbidden to park under some trees especially at 6pm to 9pm. Coz that is the "Birdies Saloon" happy hour business began... If you park your car under there don't be surprise if you see you car cover full of birdy shits like this.... Ok folks so bear in mind do not park you car under this area some where after you take the parking ticket and you make a turn. look at the picture below. Btw... I think the car park should put a sign on that area to tell the public 
"Bird Shit Attack!!!!!
Do Not Park At This Area
Time: 6pm-9pm"  
or something like this
"Park With Your Own Risk from 6pm-9pm"
I think is gonna be look awesome there....hahahah!!!!!    

DPP..... look at the floor the white dot white dot there... that's all the shit man!!! I went to take the car photo also kana their attack!!!!