From Mono To 3D

Boys and Girls......  come come see see... this is Uncle Lim's pocket game that we play back in 30 years ago!!! I tell you what... where we can buy this game during our donkey year.. 1st Metro is the only shop that we can buy is there. After some time the Kalassi also have sell. I tell you O... Uncle Lim small small the time can playing this form morning until night non-stop and some time makan also can skip.. 
In our heyday this is pocket game really popular... just like now the DS or 3DS. Of coz lah... our time game where got can like you people one so many games into one console. We only can have one console one type of game.

Today Uncle Lim show you our time the best 4 pocket game. The 1st one is the Octopus, 2nd is Parachute, 3rd is Popeye. This 3 game I'm sure your father or uncle have play this before. then after some time Nintendo® come out this Donkey Kong and it come with can flip open one just like the DS now. Our time this game mostly the game story is go Left and Right only and take thing or safe stuff.
then after something the Donkey Kong came out baru started got Up, Down and Jump.
Uncle Lim really wish to have a chance to play this game once again... kalau whoever still have this please please please I begging you to pinjam me to play one time... I really really appreciate.

Octopus.... you have 3 live and need to go down the sea bed and collect the treasure and make sure the octopus didn't catch you.   

Parachute same thing you have 3 life and try to save the skydiver jump down from the helicopter, make sure they did not eat by the Shark. 

Popeye is the you have the catch the thing which his wife throw to you... but beware the bad guy hit you and drop the things too.

Donkey Kong.... you know lah... jump jump jump..

This one I love until today but too bad when I was 12 my mother say she throw it away during the spring cleaning... I guess she is given to her friend's anak that time but she tipu me say buang sudah.

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