Finally It Start

Look guys.... after so many year this land finally going to build some thing here again. Back to the 80's the old building here is the first Department Store we had and it has the one and only has equipped with escalators. On that time you don't see any other building have this, so many kids came here to shopping sure play with the escalator one....going up and down there. I don't remember how to spell the name of the department store already.. it sound like this "Kalassi"something like that lah. Back to the 80's most of our things are buy from there.. I remember I love to buy their burger there... fyi is spicy and yummy! And I always stuck on the second floor's toys section...hehehe. Oh man.... I really missed the place. And then after some years the building increases and add on other floor. At that time it has the best and awesome restaurant. If I'm not wrong is a Thai cuisine restaurant. I love their lobster and bubu kacang and you can see the chef cooking behind the glass. My father always bring us there makan. 

Then after some year there is a new building builded which is where the Yaohan came... Kalassi business started wasn't that good anymore and the building also started sinking.... Then from that time this place was abandoned until now. What is the reason it took more that 20 years and haven't rebuild the place then I don't know lah....
But anyway... is good to see this place reborn again and I can wait this place to get busy again like old day.