Charity Walk Run & Cycle

Wah... this one Don't Play Play also can... wanna be Play Play also can... because this time HSBC 4th Year WalkRunCycle charity event you join doesn't matter you serious to WalkRunCycle or fun fun  WalkRunCycle there you also doing a good job to raise the funds for the Pusat Ehsan, Smarter and KACA. The best part is not only you can help them but you also can have a chance to win the awesome lucky draw prize.. walaupun you are the last one who rolling back to the finish line also have a change to win too. I really love they prize lah friends... The best one I likes is the iPod, iPad or iPhone4.. is the wonderful plus beautiful bicycle which worth almost 4k one... wah so cool and so light again.. a eight years old girl also can carry up man... siok lah
Fast fast enroll it now before 30 April 2011.. the kickoff is at the Taman SOAS there Sunday 22 of May 2011 early in the morning 7am. Choice either 45km route only open for cycling and 18 years above..or you can choose 8km one walk or run or cycle also can but don't use jump. this one is for 6 years and above!!! Registration forms can go any HSBC branch or Triple Star in Kiulap or the any Fitness Zone also have. Registration fee is $10.00 per head and for all categories!!!
For more info on the route maps and event click here 

I wonder who is the lucky winner for this bike!!!

DPP ah..... see what brand is that bicycle's tyre!!!

I like his cap!!! Got sell kah???