Birthday Every Way

Sorry dude.... lacked of update my blog coz too much stuffs to do on last week. Going here going there... Help this one... help that one.... Couples fighting, Hunting some guy, Brother's Macbook rosak, Comfort Buddy, Pick up wife's stuff buying on FB..... Macam Macam ada lah!!!
Some how just the last Saturday night already got 4 people birthday already. Making me like a monkey jumping up and down on the hot wok!!! Just the chill up section I already have 5 night in a row!!!
I cannot tahan like that anymore... Not as young as last time already and need to control control man!
Some how last two day the weather also hot like in the oven, night time also can feel the air is warm one.
Anyway... thanks to all of you people out there giving me a wonderful week.

Happy Birthday to you Jake!!!

One for my friend on her birthday her car kana tapao by her friends. This is the best prank I had see this year. Is a good idea to kacau your friends during their Birthday!
Happy Birthday to Imelda