Better Than Recycle Bags

hahaha..... ya ya ya... I'm like a woman now looking at baby stuff lah!!!! Hey.... that is not what I want to talk about lah!!! I just want to share with you people I found that my Ocean Pack bag there another way to use it. Now every weekend shopping at any department store they are not gonna provide plastic bags already right.. so this is my recycle bag I use... I notice that the recycle they sell on the store or some free recycle bag either too small or else not practical. Maybe to can try with this kind of bag like my.... really not bad to use. Is washable and can hold more that the normal one recycle bag.

After I came back home suddenly I came out this question in my head. They say they are not gonna provide plastic bag on the weekend at every department store right!!! I think I also can use the used plastic bag from my house one right? Not necessary must use the recycle bag on weekend shopping kan?
mmmm...... I guess I wanted to start packing some used plastic bag in my car soon. But can I use Supasave plastic bag buying stuff and HuaHo or not oh!!!! hahahah