Beach Bunch Earth Day Clean Up @ Jerudong Beach

Thanks you everyone to came and joined us for the clean up yesterday and Jerudong Beach in conjunction with the Earth Day. Without you people the clean up couldn't turn out that good good tu!!!

There is 362 people turn out and collected 1445.30kg of waste, almost a saloon car's weight sudah!!!
We also found dead animal like cat, fish, sea snake, abandoned fish boat over the area and the worst thing is the Fish Net.
This is really terrible plus horrible... more than 10 fish net are dumped on the beach..some students send an hour to take it out from the sand. Serious the fishermen really need to educated by some department and stop let them simply throwing the unwanted fish net on the beach. 
Maybe should need to hire a Ranger to monitor them just like in the National park one....

Let's think about it.... the moment when we throw a empty bottle or plastic bag on the beaches the time, Please don't think that "Aiya... somebody is gonna clean it up one lah....." 
Yes no doubt there is someone is gonna clean it up.... but have you ever think about who is the SOMEONE? Yes the someone is our generation!!! 
Look at the pictures below.... they are our generation who helping to clean up our mess now.
Today they collected 1.4 tons or waste and if we still never change in future 1.4 tons it just a corner of waste for them to clean up. So everyone... you and me don't play play with this. We have to keep this clean for Our Future, Our Country and Our Children! 

Students from Maktab Duli.

Volunteers from the Radisson Hotel staffs and management.

Don't know who are so bad heart to burn their boat here...

Guess how many of them in the bag?


And After.