Apps That I Addicted Now

Bought this apps last week ago and until not I still have reached to the stage 15th which is one millions dollars. Among the hundreds apps I had in my phone and this is the only apps if finish it I need the Knowledge of Geographic, History, News, Movie, IT, Space, Gossip, TV, Music, Foods, Faction, Fashion what what whatever all the information. Really really not that easy to game this apps.. not like the other apps you just need time to slowly finish it.. Until now my highest stage I reach is question number 10 which is $32.000. Aiyo.. don't know when I can finish this apps.. btw the best part of this apps is it really really have a lot of questions inside there, I been playing this from the day one until now only see one time a question is repeat. It is a great apps to have.. recommended you have one of this.