Mariska Hargitay

I like this channel and I think I have to share it here with you people. This video not only you can learn some english and also how to be a man too. For more video you can log on here TheLoveGuru channel. Enjoy

Dress Formal Wear Not A Scuture

I don't lah coz I'm not a fashion designer so I'm not sure this is call stylish or what! From my view is doesn't look nice at all and I also don't know what it mean it that scuture on her head! People there are attended Prince Williams and Kate's wedding not the Lady Gaga and Williams wedding Ok! If is not Kate but Lady Gaga and is gonna be look like this.

We attend people's wedding is to witness the history not came there to and tried to stole people's thunder one....
Seriously after I watch finish watching the whole wedding ceremony I can imagine sure there is a lot of people thinking what number to buy for tomorrow Magnum4D and TOTO one. As long as got big big news like 911, Diana and MJ died sure you see the Malaysia and Singapore 4D kaki whole night thinking what number to buy for that. 

Now this Royal wedding I see also cannot skip one lah, come to gambling I guess many people not need to drink red bull also can not eyes big big there. But talk about betting I think we asian here are not as crazy as them there. Even Williams kiss Kate left or right or lips or ear also can bet... My god.. like that also can gambling... Even bet for Prince Harry forget the ring also got. jialat man... bet until not nothing to gambling sudah. I'm not kidding one... check here for the odds of the bet 

Have You Taking Part Yet?

Tomorrow is the last day for the registration if you haven't enroll it yo friends what are you waiting for. I'm sure this HSBC's WalkRunCycle Charity Event is gonna be fun. Not only you can do exercise and rise the fund on that day but you also maybe can win some awesome prize but Too bad I can't attend this great event coz I already booked my flight and having vacation with my family if not I fat fat like this also can taking part and join the walk categories. For more information of this event you can log on their website .

Full Or Not Full That Is The Question

There is a joke about the car fuel indicator F is mean Finish and the E is Enough. Of coz nobody is going to be that stupid anyway. But you ever heard about that people told you do not always wait until the fuel light on then you went to refill the fuel; because if you do that the fuel you have in the tank is gonna be dirty and damage your car engine. I myself don't believe this fact, Coz as far as I know there is a fuel filter  to filter all the dirts before the fuel pump sending the fuel to your engine. 
I used to it to buy half tank fuel for my car one... the reason I do this is because I believe half tank is always lighten then full tank. So the car can lighter I personally believe is going to reduce the car fuel consumption. Don't you think so? And also I can easily monitor how much fuel I had used in a month too.   

Take Care & Drink More Water

This weather like this hot hot already got one week sudah... Sometime at night you turn on aircon and full blast with it also fell like sweating during you sleep. Today my family members also got few sick too. Me and my daughter also cannot run. Last night my daughter so kasian.. keep batok the whole night.. Off aircon on kipas also same... batok batok batok saja. Kasian banar!!!
Then this morning I went out to do something and came back home in the car I also don't know why all of sudden nose bleeding... You people outside jalan jalan also better take care and drink lot of water O.
Don't Play Play during this few day weather... Gila-gila one... Sekejap panas sekejap sejuk... Jialat lah liek that!!!

Apa Tu????

I'm asking a lot of people most of them also cannot give me the answer. I even asked my friends who are the car sell man he also don't know. Why there is a contact number spread on behind the lorry, pickup, truck and some other big vehicle? And the contact number are all the same one. That contact number belong who one.. I don't know lah but some say that number is belong to the Land Transport Department hot line. I not so sure this is firm information or not lah they say you can call the number to complaint the vehicle having a aggressive diver on the road something like that lah.
If anyone of you knowing what is this all about with the contact number spread behind there please share it with us here. Thanks!

E-Speed Theme Song Sing By Joey & Chloe Heng

Beach Bunch Earth Day Clean Up @ Jerudong Beach

Thanks you everyone to came and joined us for the clean up yesterday and Jerudong Beach in conjunction with the Earth Day. Without you people the clean up couldn't turn out that good good tu!!!

There is 362 people turn out and collected 1445.30kg of waste, almost a saloon car's weight sudah!!!
We also found dead animal like cat, fish, sea snake, abandoned fish boat over the area and the worst thing is the Fish Net.
This is really terrible plus horrible... more than 10 fish net are dumped on the beach..some students send an hour to take it out from the sand. Serious the fishermen really need to educated by some department and stop let them simply throwing the unwanted fish net on the beach. 
Maybe should need to hire a Ranger to monitor them just like in the National park one....

Let's think about it.... the moment when we throw a empty bottle or plastic bag on the beaches the time, Please don't think that "Aiya... somebody is gonna clean it up one lah....." 
Yes no doubt there is someone is gonna clean it up.... but have you ever think about who is the SOMEONE? Yes the someone is our generation!!! 
Look at the pictures below.... they are our generation who helping to clean up our mess now.
Today they collected 1.4 tons or waste and if we still never change in future 1.4 tons it just a corner of waste for them to clean up. So everyone... you and me don't play play with this. We have to keep this clean for Our Future, Our Country and Our Children! 

Students from Maktab Duli.

Volunteers from the Radisson Hotel staffs and management.

Don't know who are so bad heart to burn their boat here...

Guess how many of them in the bag?


And After.

Birthday Every Way

Sorry dude.... lacked of update my blog coz too much stuffs to do on last week. Going here going there... Help this one... help that one.... Couples fighting, Hunting some guy, Brother's Macbook rosak, Comfort Buddy, Pick up wife's stuff buying on FB..... Macam Macam ada lah!!!
Some how just the last Saturday night already got 4 people birthday already. Making me like a monkey jumping up and down on the hot wok!!! Just the chill up section I already have 5 night in a row!!!
I cannot tahan like that anymore... Not as young as last time already and need to control control man!
Some how last two day the weather also hot like in the oven, night time also can feel the air is warm one.
Anyway... thanks to all of you people out there giving me a wonderful week.

Happy Birthday to you Jake!!!

One for my friend on her birthday her car kana tapao by her friends. This is the best prank I had see this year. Is a good idea to kacau your friends during their Birthday!
Happy Birthday to Imelda 


Manager Corporate Sustainability, Lim Boon Teck, together with other HSBC colleagues showing by example by cycling to work.

On Friday 22 April 2011, HSBC Brunei staff decided to go green in celebration of Earth Day. As an organization that both actively promotes and pro-actively supports green initiatives, Earth day is one of the important days in HSBC’s Corporate Sustainability calendar.

HSBC staff were also encouraged to do at least one green act this Earth Day. Several staff took alternative means to work, such as choosing to cycle from home which is a more environmental friendly mode of transportation, instead of driving. Staff also took the opportunity to bring in recyclable waste from their homes which were then duly deposited into the available recycling bins. Staff also wore green to work, to show their support and promote awareness of this green campaign.
All these efforts were in support of the Earth Day Network’s theme, ‘A Billion Acts of Green’ with the goal of amassing one billion environmental actions in advance of the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable development in Rio di Janeiro.

Lim Boon Teck, Manager Corporate Sustainability, HSBC Brunei, commented, “The current environmental problem that we are encountering is a result of our own lifestyle choices. Thus, if every individual commits to doing one act of green, the accumulative result will be significant. By encouraging our staff to pledge their own commitment, individually and collectively as a bank, we too can contribute to this positive change.”
In addition to its environment commitment, ensuring education is accessible to disadvantaged children is also an important part of HSBC’s Corporate Sustainability strategy.

In the upcoming HSBC charity event ‘WalkRunCycle’ on the 22 May 2011,  members of the public will have the opportunity to help raise funds for three local NGOs dedicated to the education of special need children; Pusat Ehsan Al-Hajah Maryam, KACA and SMARTER. Members of the public who are interested to participate can obtain registration forms from all HSBC branches, Triple Star Kiulap and FitnessZone. The closing date for registrations in on the 30 April 2011. For more details and information, visit   

HSBC staff supports Earth Day by wearing green. 

Some staff took the initiative to bring in their recyclable waste from their homes to deposit into the recycling bins.

This Is Not A Yellow Cab

Wow...... I never see this kind of unique Yellow Fire Brigade... this is my first time I saw got like this one.. Cool man... look like Transformer Bumble Bee has become to Magatron not one but two!!!
Spotted this two Bumble Beegatron heading down to Jerudong high way but I don't know where they go lah maybe is going back Seria to the Shell there after they finish the oil spill drill at the Tungkuk Beach!!! 

Wa...DPP is Mercedes Benz one o!!!! Cool!!! 

Surprising Mission

Holy Shit!!!!

Omg........ this one bring to the car wash for $10.00 is really worth it man!!!! I went to the airport to do a mission and I saw this vehicle park under the tree. FYI at the airport car park there is some area are forbidden to park under some trees especially at 6pm to 9pm. Coz that is the "Birdies Saloon" happy hour business began... If you park your car under there don't be surprise if you see you car cover full of birdy shits like this.... Ok folks so bear in mind do not park you car under this area some where after you take the parking ticket and you make a turn. look at the picture below. Btw... I think the car park should put a sign on that area to tell the public 
"Bird Shit Attack!!!!!
Do Not Park At This Area
Time: 6pm-9pm"  
or something like this
"Park With Your Own Risk from 6pm-9pm"
I think is gonna be look awesome there....hahahah!!!!!    

DPP..... look at the floor the white dot white dot there... that's all the shit man!!! I went to take the car photo also kana their attack!!!!

Game Over

One day only.... I finish all the stage and with all 3 stars plus the bonus stages... Oh man... why so fast... why have to finish so early one leh..... Feel not enough lah.. Now my mood is like half half there not up and not down there!!! I want more!!!! I want more!!! now I can't wait for the Angry Bird Rio the new stage coming to release on the May!!! 

Easter Eggs Version

Guys if you have the Angry Birds Seasons apps go update it right now. Is a new version for the coming one Easter Eggs holiday. It just release yesterday. This time the green pig became jiali man... Now let's update and shot them down.

One Is Not Enough.... Now We Got Two

 Congrats me and my wife now....... 

Producer: Me
Factory: My Wife
Series number: Don't know yet...
Sex Organ: Don't know yet too.... 
Day of Check In: January 2011
Day of Check Out: November 2011
Country of Production: Made In Brunei
Price: Not For Sale.... 

Save Or Not Now?

I missed to have Japanese foods..... I think I got more than 1 months did not having Japanese cuisine at any local Japanese restaurant sudah.... Yalah... due to the radioactive loh... Don't know when it gonna be end. I always have the question and would like to know.... How do we know the sea food we makan one is save to put into our mouth. I don't mean the local sea food lah of coz. What I mean is all the import Salmon, Tuna, Unagi or Octopus we have in those Japanese restaurant. Do they have the certificate example like the Halal one put on the counter's wall to tell the customers that their beefs and chickens all are halal. So all those Japanese restaurant can follow like that... A certificate that can say all the sea food they imported all are save.. "No Nuclear Radioactive" so people are trust and save to dine in their restaurant.

Wait a minute...... I know it sound weird with this idea. Why the hell got certificate to tell that restaurant's food got no radioactive one..... hahahaha yes it sound stupid!! But who knows eventually our future all the packs, cans or bottles all F&B; not only got the Nutrition Fact and Halal sign but also got the ''No Radioactive" sign print on the packing? Yes... is hard to say one... just talk about the "MILK" long long time ago where got telling you their milk with the "UHT", "LOW FAT" , "HIGH CALCIUM", "Halal" Omaga 1+2+3, Vitamin A-Z and all kind of unknown name printed on the packing.... Why got all this sign printed there? Is because people wanted to live better life and save!!! This is to improve and show their produce are save and make customer to trust with their produces. 
Who's Know Right??? We never know.... We never know when this day it come... Sign with "No Nuclear Radioactive" print on the food's packing we eat!!!!      

Once In The Blue Moon

This is great..... Finally I met my long lost friend "ONEMB" once again with my Go!Bband.... wa friend I so long time no see you sudah. But too bad we didn't hang out for long.. just about 3 hours  started form 2.30am to 5.30am at this morning.... I also don't know why I'm so lucky got chance met him. I was in the middle of the sleep but all of sudden my daughter she cry or her Puting... so after I put her into sleep again and I couldn't fall asleep anymore, So I play play with my FB lah.. Then I notice every video I watch all very fast to upload... Wah not bad man... like this also can happen in the early in the morning!!! Then I use my phone to check the speed ( I got wifi with BB) I found out that I has 1.28 mb with the DL speed.. not bad right!!! I so miss the time it use to have like this.. I remember dulu-dulu when we bought it every time we watch YT, video play half way it already finish loaded!! NOW.... we have to let it finish DL then we can play!!! 
When............. When can our internet can be come C&F (cheap&fast)?? I don't know I can have the day to wait it come true or not lah!!! T.T... "ONEMB" please come back again....Please!!!!

F&S Or S&S?

For play play only....See the title I guess you people also blur blur don't get it what it is mean one right!!!
aiya... nothing one lah.. I just boring boring sit in front my Mac and suddenly I got this question pop out in my mind only. Coz today is the Saturday that I just got this question would like to say you people. Doesn't matter you are working with private or none private sector/company or students everyone are welcome to click you vote. See wether you like or prefer which one better.
"Do you prefer Friday & Sunday is PH or Saturday & Sunday is a PH"  
click you vote one the right column ------>

Sing For You Only.....

Man if you don't know how to be romantic.... Never mind. No diamonds ring for anniversary never mind. No candle lights dinner for valentine day never mind also...
Sing a love song post in the Youtube telling the world that you love her...
I'm sure tonight you not need to sleep in the living room anymore!!!
Married is a boring thing if you only have B&W.... put some color in the life and is gonna be wonderful...
"Life Is Easy With Directions" 

History vs Herstory

To me everyday is the learning day... Eat until 30 plus now I still learning everday especially english words.... haiya... what to do... school time no good good study and everyday went to play guli...ah that's is why lah.....!!!
Last month I learned a word "Brunch" which is Breakfast+Lunch=Bunch. I didn't know there is such a word alive one.... Until last month then I know... the malu thing is my niece know it before me about ten years ago. Never mind lah... late better than nothing!!!

So again today I had learn the words Herstory... is a History use by Female... I guess. check out here for more info about herstory:
Aiyo.... words also got male and female to use one why so complicated one... so many years already still got this "fair and square" subject until now... "why man can like that but not female"....
You see ah.... from Job, Polities until the Space Shuttle  also got this issue... But why until now still got no one come out and fight for the  Cash Prize of every lady's sport one oh!!!!
 You see.... PGA tournament winner prize always higher than WPGA. Badminton, Tennis, Snooker, X-Game, Triathlons so and so.... all this sports you never see the female division is higher than man one...
Why ah???? Women.... I think is time to fight for this again..... So far i only know is Female models pay are higher than Male!!! Then the rest of the pay like doctor, teacher or manager all almost the same liao...

Rain And Jam

If got traffic jam on the highway usually there is two reason either car accident or road repair...
But yesterday the Jam at Jerudong highway... DPP from the DST HQ  sampai the Empire Hotel there...
No car accident or road repair but because of Rain!!! But I just don't understand why it Jam.... Then after I sometime I figure it out why it has to be jam like that!!! of coz drive slow is the first safety issue but I guess is because of the heavy rain me people no place to go... so every one decide to go home better...
I pass by the some of the commercial area I don't see much car there... maybe that is the reason lah I think. But think about it... some time once in the while got rain like that also not bad too... So people can spend more time with the family at home...