Question of The Day

Last week all of sudden I came out this question in the toilet when I making chocolate moose cake. I found that everyone also have this problem but different way included me also. I believe everyone of us don't just only have one thing we don't like but still have to accept one and I'm sure must have more than two and we having a same thing don't like. Here I'm going to list out the 
" The Things We Don't Like But Still Have To Accept"

1) The Internet Speed:

 I sure you have this in your link one right. I put this in number one is because we all now you are in the internet world if not you can't see my blog here. Yet sometime the speed are so damm slow one, doesn't matter what package or channel you use also having the same thing here. I wonder when is the day I can watch one Youtude video and not need to wait for 5 minutes to finish upload one!

2) Food Got Fly/Worm/Lizard/Finger/Diamond Ring/etc  

This one I don't know how many of you got kana one lah... I myself and surrounding friends already have this incidents few times but of coz mostly is the flies lah... If got Diamond Ring I don't know want to Happy or Pensan. We don't have any policies or matter or way to settle this case, every time we only can hear is "Sorry" by the waitress or the boss... you never see any chef come out and apologize to you.
Next thing is the chef re-cook another dish to you and eat again. Maybe you might not need to pay the food but still have to pay the drinks.

3) Flight Delay.

You not need to say anything or ask why!! One sentence and explain everything
"Air Line can late you but you cannot late the airline" 

4) Traffic Jam

You know I know lah..... this one not need to say much one lah. If you don't want to caught in the jam use ''FLY''

Last but not least is the
 5) "RICE"

Is the rice we eat not the Condoleezza Rice Ok... ah that one cannot eat, if eat you die!!