Do you having the same problem like this owner car's new license plate? OMG this very Jialat man... less than 2 year already turn become like this, Macam kana earthquake strike one.... the whole black color part cracking all over the plate. Another 2 more year it can turn into whole white plate look like embassy car sudah. Why the quality so lauzy one? hey cannot like this lah.. every two years have to make a new plate again... My old plastic one lagi tahan... 10 years already still the same like day 1. 
I just have a question if one day road block kana ticket saman because of this... who is going to pay for this? The shop who make this license plate or just say you are not that Lucky? Or there is an policies that we can go back to the shop where we make and replace an new one? Coz I think this is unfair to the owner to pay again for this.