Pay Day + No Plastic Day

Yesterday we went to Supermarket at Rimba to buy some stuff, of coz we bring our  recycle bag. Not bad... I see a lot people also bringing their own RB too. But too bad most of them their RB are too small to hold their grocery shopping. Buying 2 bag of rice, 1 box of mee goreng, 2 bottles of cooking oil, Pampers, baby milk with all this items you are no way to use RB to hold them. So how they do? I saw they put all the goods back into the trolley after they paid and just push it to their car and throw into the trunk. After that I realize plastic bag it only make you convenient from their shop to your car, from car to your kitchen. 
Do you like the idea of "No Plastic Day"? 
I like but not satisfied. Why???? Because I only see the Supermarket they participate this.
If you got wet market, bakery shop, mini mart, restaurant, shopping center, department store you can see they still provided plastic bags for their costumer. I hope the next NPD MoD can convince them to participate also, Isn't it great? Don't just like some Supermarket say NPD but their Department Store still also "Yes Plastic Day"