Can anyone tell me how is this people can stand with such a bad condition like this everyday?
Why this people can tahan living and doing business at this shop lot one? Steady lah... I really salute them! Kalau this one is happen in orang putih country... wah.... don't know who much already kana saman liao!! Rubbishes cover all around the building FRONT&BACK... omg!! Comon.. if you people there don't think about hygiene please think about safety also lah... what if kana fire... HOW? Fire no kill you smoke also you cannot tahan sudah lah right!!!! Comom..this one must take action with them. Walaupun is not throw by you but still have to do something about it.. don't wait one day you wake up baru notice you are staying in other Sungai Akar rubbish field.

 I'm sure you gonna ask where is this place right!!! Aiya... tell you you also don't want to go see see look look one lah.. dirty your eyes only lah but this is some where in Manglait there. Jialat man!!! I can say I never see got place like this before, I voted this is "The Most Dirty Shop Lot In Gadong" 

Dog shit also have here.. adui.. how to walk like this???