Kolomee Urat

Have to ever this with this Urat Kolomee? So far I know in Brunei one place can have this which is Thian Thian Restaurant there. But today one of my friend he introduce me to try with Happy Dean Restaurant and he say is very nice. After I have try it I can say is which is true.. is very nice. The urat taste very soft and fresh... but too bad the kolomee was that much loh.
If you ask me how was it? I say is good. Should I recommended you people to try? I say is up to you... coz not all people would like to eat this. So worth to try? Yes... One time is enough for me.... Why??? coz I think is not cheap... $6.00 for this Urat Kolomee is not all people can eat!!! I prefer spend this $6.00 to eat other things like 3 bowl of normal Kolomee or 2 plate of Chicken rice.
I don't refuse my readers to try their foods.. if you don't like this.. try other also not bad like the Mee Mamak or Chicken Rice. This Happy Dean is located at Jerudong next to the HSBC and in front of the Bomba Station. Next time if you around that area and look place to eat try here not bad also. My friend told me their lunch time some time full house one.. wanna find a sit also hard one DPP!!!