Is Save Not Spend

Do you  know what is the meaning about the poster? 
Ya lah.... some people use this event is to make money but not really supported the awareness. I don't understand lah... you know the Earth Hour major idea is wanted us together switch of our electric for an hour to take a stand against the climate change like that bah.... Aiyo but why oh now you open the paper. email or FB and you can see some people take this event to make money. "Earth Hour" for them it just as another "Business Hour"only bah...  Do you think they really mean to participate this?? I think it just an marketing plan for them. Try to switch off all the electric, no lights, no TV and no Aircon and see how!!! See got anyone come and eat or not!!!  Got...... got lah... ghost come and eat have lah!!!!
The best way to support this Earth Hour is very simple one... At home just switch off all your lights, aircon, tv etc that is for an hour from 8pm to 9pm.. bah that is more them enough sudah!!
Not need to go joining that 'Candles Light Dinner' just to show your support but at home the all the lights, Aircon, tv is On!!! Apalah 2x5 saja lah ani!!!