Hands For 7 Puppies

Anyone wanted to adopt a puppy? There you go... here got 7 puppies waiting for you to adopt.
I got a call from one of my friend that she told me they need some people out there to help them for adopt this lovely puppies and she hope that I can post this on my blog.
Those puppies ordinary is from one of the house of a Malay family at Kampong Lambak Kanan there. The mummy dog gave birth under their house... actually the lady also Ok with that coz she know one day this puppies will go some where too also, not going to stay there forever one. But thing wasn't as she think that easy coz her neighbors insist want her to remove the dogs. So she had no choice and now she had relocated the puppies to one for her friend's house for temporally. Everyday she went to visit the puppies and also buy dog foods for them.
And now this puppies is under supervisor by the community name CAS ( Care & Actions for Strays )
If you are willingly wanted to help and give a hand for this puppies please contact Jean +673 8160482 (email: