I don't know why today I got gila angin so wanted to eat Hamburger... I even posted in my FB and asking for where to buy a nice Hamburger. Yes I mean got Ham punya Burger!!! I know "Burger" is a short form of "Hamburger" but back into the heyday hamburger is come with Pork! I know is impossible to get one of this coz is not Halal food. Never mind just siasiapun lah!! The only way if I want a real Hamburger is to cook it by myself. So anyway.... making a hamburger I don't think is that hard wah... Then I went to surf google and I found all this famous awesome plus delicious burger around the world.
Wah.... cannot tahan you know... How suffering I am doing this post. Blogging at the same time my water mouth also running.

So here are the some website I found with the burger which I see also nice one! 
click image to visit their site. some you can built your own burger and some you can order online.. So nice!!!
If anyone of you got come back please buy for one for me.... Please please please.. I'll be a good boy this year!!!
Wah... this one DPP, two pieces 1/4 pound of beef with 2 cheese. One bite can the hand can touch the heaven already!!!!

Wahhahahh... this one lagi DPPPP.... 3/4 pound... One bite father what name also don't remember!!!

1140 calories.. So what!!!!!  Die die also want to eat ah!!!!

hahaha.... this is awasome... remind me one of the Movie!!! hehehehe!!!!

This one never heard before..but look at the burger also cannot tahan sudah!!!