Grazie Mauri's New Menu

I was invited again together with the local bloggers to try the Grazie Mauri chef Aira's new dishes. Again I'm not familiar with European's foods, I don't know much about their food name and their ingredients so I don't have much comments about it... In fact I should bring my wife to try it and ask for her comments lagi better coz she had study hospitalities and some F&B at Switzerland, sorry honey next time I belanjar you makan there again lah Ok!!! Btw way overall their foods I can say it was good but if you ask me which one is my recommendation? Then I think I would say "What you like to eat?" 
If you are a Meat lover then you order meat dishes. If you love cheeses then you order food with cheeses. If you don't like olive then you better don't try it coz you might not like the taste. 
If you not familiar with their foods like me but wanted to try it then I suggest you ask the chef what is his suggestions. Don't just sit down there and look at the menu that you don't know what is it all about. Tell the chef what you like to eat and I'm sure he can serve you well with his cook. 
Otherwise you can also look at the LCD screen there ( look picture below) they also have showing you the picture and also the name there...hehehe that is more suitable for people like me to dinning there!!!

Greek Pita Bread


Crab au Gratin

The Tapas

Fried Potatoes with special sauce

Upside down pizza

Rolled Pizza



Cous Cous


Deep Fried Seafood

Creme Brulee Catalana