Exhausted WeekEnd

Mati...... so tired man.. really really Jialat lah last weekend me. From Friday to Monday I think I only sleep less than 7 hours. I was hired to do the Baiduri Bank D&D show at two Event show at Rizqun and KB Chung Hwa School. man... long time no like this already... Tired plus sleepy is Ok never mind one still can tahan..... but only cannot tahan is yelling by the comedian a.k.a 'Dato' and his wife the event manager a.k.a 'Datin'  from Malaysia. It was a long story lah I can't tell you guys in detail basically just yelled with I don't know what the just love to yell on people!!! Anyway they are so rude and did not respect our Brunei people here. By the way I can say they both are so unprofessional and I never see anyone act like this in our this industry/region. Anyway the show has over and I relax and not need to see they both face again, If next time they come again for Baiduri Bank I 100% guaranty don't want to take this show sudah... enough is time for forever!!!

Yalah... is like that one lah. You people see show most of the time you only see what is happen in the front and never knows what is going on behind it. Basically this show I can say is so so only lah because the performance already did it almost the same like 2 years ago. Same peoples and same concept just like change the color on an old dress. For me nothing special one lah. But the only thing I like this event is I meet new friends from their crews.     

Local video crews 

Wanted to know how they do it? buy me a lunch first then I tell you how!!!

GoH and VIPs 

The Sound and Lights crew ( local&KL)

He is the Man of the show