Crazy Weather

Jialat.... this few day the weather like no warning one.... suka-suka hati show big sun... suka-suka come heavy rain.... Like yesterday evening Bandar here rain+storm+lightning but when I go Jurudong and pick up my wife that side one drop of rain also don't have... What is wrong with the weather now ha?? 
And some how if you look back my last year post on end of March and head of April on that year is not an raining season. But this year end of March is raining every night!!! Some how this with in the last 6 month or Bandar sky already got few times lightning storm and the best one is got Hail again on last year 18th Dec 2010. But anyway... at the moment now so far so good coz we haven't heard got places kana flooded or landslide but if the rain continue like this rain rain non stop then I don't know how loh!!
Mmmmm.... maybe go KL watch Ah Rain at the F1 concert and request him to sing
"Rain Rain go away... coming back in other day... Tigerlim wanna go out and play"!!!