Check It In...And Check It Out!!!

Went to check in with my family for 2 days at Empire Hotel. Nothing much lah.. just went there bring my baby to swimming lo, eat eat.. drink drink and play play there.Coz we never bring our kids there before so this time ngam ngam to time can go there lah.
Wah... my baby like monkey came out form jungle one.. jumping up and down on the bed, running in and out the toilet... see her had so much fun we also felt happy! Once in a while enjoy like this is Ok lah... but still for me I doesn't fell like in vacation... still got a feeling like my home's bed is much better to sleep one... hahaha. I guess you all also having the same feeling like my right!

Saw this NUMBER 5 outside my room window!!! Cool ya!!!

Macam Banyak Enjoy lah My Anak!!!

Outside view from my room.

The Room...

Play for the whole day sure tired one lah.... If my baby can everyday sleep so early like this.. wah me and my wife senang loh!!!

Next day morning breakfast at Atrium