Because Of Axian lah!!!

You see.. that is the reason I hate this program play in the mid night one.. make people suffering before sleep one.
Last Sunday I was watching the Astro channel 301 around mid night like that. Mahai this program really make my water mouth running like the Niagara Fall. The whole night all I can think is Fried Koey Teow, Fried Koey Teow only.. So I tell you people if you want to watch this program make sure you eat full full first before you got the remote control. I know this episode is last 2 month one but still if you are a FKT fans like me... got extra money I also flight there to eat one time also siok!!!
So KL no chance to go liao lah.. all I can do is do cook for my own. The next day I die die also want to eat so went to wet market and buy 1kilo of clams and 2 kilo of Koey Teow at SKH. So last night we all have a FKT buffet hahahah.... We have Sea Food FKT, Siham FKT, Beef FKT and for kids one is FKT with Soup. Walaupun is not as same as like the TV one there but better than nothing lah...  Now I puas hati until full full... maybe can 2 week not need to eat FKT again...

Me in the action....

All the ingredient we need. 

Ok lah my FKT.... not so bad too... but if one day can try the KL one lagi best lah!!!