Beach Bunch Cleanup Episode XI @ Muara Beach KICKOFF!!!!

During my second day check it at Empire Hotel on the Sunday after also is the Beach Bunch cleanup episode 11 at the Muara Beach. Again this time we did it at the afternoon from 3 to 6pm. Surprisingly the beach today wasn't that dirty... woa.. I was so glad to see this clean and beautiful. I think maybe some people had came to clean it before us kali... Anyway I really happy to see the beach can be like this and hope that it can tahan lama like this, people can really enjoy the beach and have fun there. So today you can see my picture not that much of rubbish, plastic bag and bottle in my photo one..

New volunteers come and help us to clean up there.

This beautiful young girl had join us 2 clean up already... Thanks Angel!!!

I had my "Make your own sandwich" before we started the cleanup... Sorry guys I really really hungry and cannot tahan sudah!! ya ya ya.. I know it look like a burger more than a sandwich.