3D Cube Wall @ Taty's

Steady or not this picture? I took it at the Taty's Cafe @ Muara there. 
After the Beach Bunch cleanup at Muara Beach I drop by at Taty's Cafe there and tapau some lamb burger home. I think I almost 2 months didn't eat there burger already. When I step into the shop the time  my eyes tarus open big big like never before! Almost the whole shop written down message by the visitor and customer.... If you really want to read all the comments I think you need to spend one whole there slowly read then you can finish it lah.
One thing very unique about the wall is this one I took.( I think the owner also don't know about it lah)
You actually can use any camera and any one also can do it... Just stand on the right position(center) can snap this special picture like my. It look like a in&out 3D cube photo.... Nice ar!!! If next time you go there eat and chit-chat don't forget to try it... is really fun yo!!!