Crazy Weather

Jialat.... this few day the weather like no warning one.... suka-suka hati show big sun... suka-suka come heavy rain.... Like yesterday evening Bandar here rain+storm+lightning but when I go Jurudong and pick up my wife that side one drop of rain also don't have... What is wrong with the weather now ha?? 
And some how if you look back my last year post on end of March and head of April on that year is not an raining season. But this year end of March is raining every night!!! Some how this with in the last 6 month or Bandar sky already got few times lightning storm and the best one is got Hail again on last year 18th Dec 2010. But anyway... at the moment now so far so good coz we haven't heard got places kana flooded or landslide but if the rain continue like this rain rain non stop then I don't know how loh!!
Mmmmm.... maybe go KL watch Ah Rain at the F1 concert and request him to sing
"Rain Rain go away... coming back in other day... Tigerlim wanna go out and play"!!!

Marah Burung RIO!!!

This one I spend almost one month to get all 3 star in every game. Now I have finish 2 stage and you know what? This new Angry Birds Rio we need to wait almost a year to finish this time coz this game this time they not giving you the whole stage... you must wait until November 2011 then they going to release the stage.. isn't it cool.. like this which is also good lah so we not gonna One time go finish playing the game. Some how the best part is on the 15th April going to have a movie on cinema..  I'm not sure this is true or not but I really can't wait and see it!!

Child Abuse

Is not me or my wife Ok,we love her very much one...... is the bloody idiot mosquito bite her last night lah!!! Wah so kasian lah her face like kana tumbok here tumbok there.. I see also sakit hati..adui!!! Her right eye, forehead and both ears all kana attack like the Pearl Harbor there....Kasian kasian....
Don't know why all of sudden last night got mosquito in our bedroom one.. I think is because of this few day always raining at the night lah.. that's why they all came into our house lah! 
So Mummy Daddy out there I suggest you to Shieldtox Shieldtox the room today don't later your anak also kana attack like my angel karang!

Because Of Axian lah!!!

You see.. that is the reason I hate this program play in the mid night one.. make people suffering before sleep one.
Last Sunday I was watching the Astro channel 301 around mid night like that. Mahai this program really make my water mouth running like the Niagara Fall. The whole night all I can think is Fried Koey Teow, Fried Koey Teow only.. So I tell you people if you want to watch this program make sure you eat full full first before you got the remote control. I know this episode is last 2 month one but still if you are a FKT fans like me... got extra money I also flight there to eat one time also siok!!!
So KL no chance to go liao lah.. all I can do is do cook for my own. The next day I die die also want to eat so went to wet market and buy 1kilo of clams and 2 kilo of Koey Teow at SKH. So last night we all have a FKT buffet hahahah.... We have Sea Food FKT, Siham FKT, Beef FKT and for kids one is FKT with Soup. Walaupun is not as same as like the TV one there but better than nothing lah...  Now I puas hati until full full... maybe can 2 week not need to eat FKT again...

Me in the action....

All the ingredient we need. 

Ok lah my FKT.... not so bad too... but if one day can try the KL one lagi best lah!!!

Exhibition At Airport Mall

Pay Day + No Plastic Day

Yesterday we went to Supermarket at Rimba to buy some stuff, of coz we bring our  recycle bag. Not bad... I see a lot people also bringing their own RB too. But too bad most of them their RB are too small to hold their grocery shopping. Buying 2 bag of rice, 1 box of mee goreng, 2 bottles of cooking oil, Pampers, baby milk with all this items you are no way to use RB to hold them. So how they do? I saw they put all the goods back into the trolley after they paid and just push it to their car and throw into the trunk. After that I realize plastic bag it only make you convenient from their shop to your car, from car to your kitchen. 
Do you like the idea of "No Plastic Day"? 
I like but not satisfied. Why???? Because I only see the Supermarket they participate this.
If you got wet market, bakery shop, mini mart, restaurant, shopping center, department store you can see they still provided plastic bags for their costumer. I hope the next NPD MoD can convince them to participate also, Isn't it great? Don't just like some Supermarket say NPD but their Department Store still also "Yes Plastic Day"   

Hands For 7 Puppies

Anyone wanted to adopt a puppy? There you go... here got 7 puppies waiting for you to adopt.
I got a call from one of my friend that she told me they need some people out there to help them for adopt this lovely puppies and she hope that I can post this on my blog.
Those puppies ordinary is from one of the house of a Malay family at Kampong Lambak Kanan there. The mummy dog gave birth under their house... actually the lady also Ok with that coz she know one day this puppies will go some where too also, not going to stay there forever one. But thing wasn't as she think that easy coz her neighbors insist want her to remove the dogs. So she had no choice and now she had relocated the puppies to one for her friend's house for temporally. Everyday she went to visit the puppies and also buy dog foods for them.
And now this puppies is under supervisor by the community name CAS ( Care & Actions for Strays )
If you are willingly wanted to help and give a hand for this puppies please contact Jean +673 8160482 (email: 

See You All Again Next Year

Is Save Not Spend

Do you  know what is the meaning about the poster? 
Ya lah.... some people use this event is to make money but not really supported the awareness. I don't understand lah... you know the Earth Hour major idea is wanted us together switch of our electric for an hour to take a stand against the climate change like that bah.... Aiyo but why oh now you open the paper. email or FB and you can see some people take this event to make money. "Earth Hour" for them it just as another "Business Hour"only bah...  Do you think they really mean to participate this?? I think it just an marketing plan for them. Try to switch off all the electric, no lights, no TV and no Aircon and see how!!! See got anyone come and eat or not!!!  Got...... got lah... ghost come and eat have lah!!!!
The best way to support this Earth Hour is very simple one... At home just switch off all your lights, aircon, tv etc that is for an hour from 8pm to 9pm.. bah that is more them enough sudah!!
Not need to go joining that 'Candles Light Dinner' just to show your support but at home the all the lights, Aircon, tv is On!!! Apalah 2x5 saja lah ani!!!

Donation For Japan

Folks.... check this out at The Mall later 4pm or 5pm until malam ani!!! This couple they started yesterday already there at the mall and doing collect donation for the Japan disaster. If you go there later please kindly donation some for them. For more picture to view click here.

Yesterday Die, To Today Live

Elizabeth Taylor die on 23th of March, Harry Houdini born on 24th March. Ya lah.. both also die liao lah. Elizabeth Taylor I'm sure you all know one lah... but who is this Harry Houdini? 
If the Google home page didn't change the header I also did not so curious about and to go and search for this guy.

Drill Or Real?

This is happen when I together with my friend wanted to went down to KB and do something lah but on the half way just passed JP not so far away and we have to u turn back using the old road to Tutong town. Not so use what is it but I think is some kind of drill kali. Coz last week I remember someone said on one of the meeting started from 23th there is an oil spill drill some where on that time. So I think maybe that is the one lah and this drill is for 3 to 4 days like that also they said they going to have a drill on sea or beach lah.... So guys if you have caught on this road block please be patients lah and don't bising bising on making a u turn back!!!

iPad 2 Available In SIngapore IN April

Wah.. this time so fast ah.. If like that then not need to buy from the local shop one cost almost $1800.00 one loh!!! Just tahan for another 2 months can almost buy 2 instead 1 here.

Episode XII Commemorating Earth Hour

Dear Earth lovers,
On Saturday 26 March 2011 at 8:30 p.m., hundreds of millions of people in more than 130 countries across every continent will unite in a single moment of celebration and contemplation of the planet by switching off their lights for one designated hour – Earth Hour. By taking part in this global ‘lights out’ event they will be acknowledging their commitment to a personal action that benefits the planet in the year ahead.
Beach Bunch care very much about the future of our planet and are planning to participate in Earth Hour to acknowledge and celebrate our commitment to go beyond the hour by doing a clean-up at Serasa Beach. Beach Bunch is inviting all its members, friends, fans, family, relatives and volunteers to celebrate the much anticipated Earth Hour.
We'll be also providing F&B and a media photo shoot for the event. More info on or its main website on

World Forestry Day 2011 Launching