Straight In Line. Awesome!!!!

Don't say you don't know... Now you know also not need to thanks me.
this pole is very unique it located out side at the Yayasan Shopping mall there. Why is so special and unique? Coz this is the only pole that sit right in the end and center and exactly pointed at the dome of our famous  SOAS mosque. I was accidently spotted this pole during I was parked my car aside for waiting my sister in the dst counter. The 1st thing in my mind it remind me the Hollywood movie "National Treasure" 
Don't you thing this is awesome? Actually we here got a lot of good place to see and visit one but it just we have to open our eyes wide wide and see in different angle. Just like the SOAS mosque do you know how many number of the golden dome it has? is 28..... why? coz it symbolize the 28th Sultan of Brunei. I was told by the local tour guide one lah. So if you have time next time you come Yayasan why not give yourself a chance to take a look this pole I'm sure you gonna like it here. Just close your one eye and make some adjustment look at the pole and you can see it exactly pointed the dome and also the top of the dome too.