Nasi Padang

I never really try on the Indonesian foods one.... in my mind I only know Indo Mee Goreng and Ayam Penyet!!! I'm not kidding... In fact I don't really know how Indon's foods look like. But now thanks to Mr.Ho invite us bloggers and try with his new menu at the Pondok Seri Wangi Sengkurong branch ( same block with Pizza Hut) and now I had more understand the Indonesian foods. The reason I try with Indon foods is not I don't like to eat... is because I don't have friends really introducing me! same as like Philippinos foods... cuz I don't know what to order or what to eat there. If last time one of my friend didn't bring me to try eat at Pasar Malam at Bandar Ayam Penyet I think until now I also never try it too.
But  now after the foods testing with this fellers and now I kinda like to start having it every month!!!

Today we had the Pandang's dishes.This is their Soto Pandang. As  I say... this is my first time to try on the real+properly Indonesian food, I can say this is really good soto. Although I'm not a soto lover but this Soto Pandang is totally different with our local soto one!! The local soto you sure gonna put a lot of the Local Chili sauce (yellow cap) one but this soto pandang everything is nice already ( for me)   

Ayam Pop what an awesome name!!! I can't remember why is call Ayam Pop but one thing I sure remember this chicken is serve without the skin one... is original like that one so you don't go and think the chef had eat it  inside the kitchen there lah! Remember to eat it with their special black sauce and it POP out more delicious with the chicken. AH... maybe that is the reason why it call Ayam Pop!!! 

Telur Belado

Udang Sos Padang

Sotong Bakar

Daging Dengdeng Belado
Eat ah....... Who is slow then eat yourself ah!!!!

This...... this..... this is all I got..... you people don't left some for me!!!! Wo wo wo wo......