Jerudong Park..

When is my last time here.....????? 10 years ago??? I think maybe is the Michael Jackson concert kali!!! hahaha... I really can't remember liao lah... anyway is long long long time of the donkey years ago lah!
But anyway today once again I come back here again but this time is with my wife and daughter. I also don't know why all of sudden I have the mood to bring them to come here... maybe that is because of "family  stuff"? In fact I want to bring them to the mall one but too bad today is the pay day... usually lah that area jam like kanasai one, want to go in already sudah..apa lagi want to look for a carpark. So suddenly my gila angin come, just bring them to Jerudong Park there jalan jalan. I notice my little angel she love this place very much and she running around the place like nobody else like that.
Hey...think about it this place is really good one you know.. although the place we adult people go there for many time during the 90's and of coz that place it wasn't that fun and good as 'WHAT' we use to have last time but yet this place is still very good for some family's day out stuff lah comon right!!!
I think this place is really good some time to bring your children here to play around.... don't just everytime is Xbox, WII WII,  PS 1,2,3 or Ipod, Ipad or iphone you and me!!! Out door activities always better than indoor one.. I think is place really good.. bring someone you love over here and enjoy the joyful, don't just think that... "Ai ya... last time go so many time already.... nothing one lah there"
But maybe is time to think about give our next generation an opportunities to bring them go there a see see look look the place???? Don't you think so???