See this picture you also know where and who's Chicken rice liao lag right... They have been selling this  delicious Hainan Chicken Rice for many year already... I think got more then 25 kali!!! Anyway I don't think I need to any comment about their foods liao lah. Not good also eat for so many year already heheh and I can say this dishes already be part of my life already. So today I'm not doing a food review about it but why I still post this picture... Of coz me always come out stuff that people never think about one lah... I want to talk about is 
Everyone tapao their chicken rice sure request 2 packets per one chicken rice... the reason is one pack is not enough for the rice.. is too less so always ask for 2 pack.
Why can't they just add another volume of the chili in one pack? hahahaha....... I always don't understand one... Is very easy one ma right!! Just add another scope and make 2 into 1. So can save and less use the plastic pack!!!
It should be reduce or just like the picture below and I kinda like their idea. One can make it into two and I can say this is a great idea and should continue doing it!