Golden Plate Chicken Rice

Ok..... this one I think some of you mind know the story of this restaurant but if you don't know yet now let me tell you what is all about lah. Basically is the one of the old chef "Ah Lau" from the T T Chicken Rice at Gadong. He quit his job there and now he open his own restaurant at the Batu Bersurat  which is the same block with Shikai Restaurant KFC office there. 
I'm sure you wanted to know how is the food there right! Basically what T T have and here also have and of coz there got other choices too, like the got chicken feet ( only serve on Fri, Sat and Sunday) Chicken Chop, Butter Egg Chicken etc.....
I can say that he has his own taste with his dishes but if you really want to put in compare with T T then I can say is better and delicious than them. 

Today I bring my family to have breakfast there, We had try his Fried Kuetiaw, Chicken Rice, Laksa, Kolomee and Fried BeeHoon and I can say is good... Not only is just good but also the price also Good... If you wish to eat the $3.00 of Chicken Rice not $3.20 and better than that... Try here.
I strongly recommended this place and remember to try they Laksa too. 
Of coz is good lah... last time is work with people but now work for himself of coz have to put more hearth into his own business one mah... Infact this is the original taste of T T restaurant back to the 30 year ago at the OLD Seri Complex in front the Seri Cinema there.  

Better Choice and Better Prices