Hello everyone.... How is your CNY celebration? I'm Back!!!!
After the long CNY holiday and now I started my cyber life again with you all. Ya is we all have two life, one is the reality and one is cyber!!! 
I'm sure you all gonna surprise why I post the Bawang Merah picture here on my 1st post after CNY, Why not about what I do, visit, eat, meet, angpoa during the CNY right? Of coz I'll post that later but I think I want to talk about the red onion. 
I'm broke already.... My bank account lost few zero behind the number on my bank book. I need to think out how to put back the zero in my bank before my wife know it. So now I got an very good idea to making business. Sell red onion!!!!
I was shock to heard that the red onion now are selling like a gold this day! compare to last year today the RO only selling less then $1.50 per kilo but now selling is $10.00 per kilo!!!!
OMG..... since when the price had set and who is behind this? Who had the right can judge this 10 dollars per kilo? This is really over man.... I wonder why there is no any section of department to control this daily use item. Someone have to come out to stop this kind of activities one day... cannot let this people suka suka hati to increases price one lah.
I understand some people say there is not enough of RO supply and said because of India there the farmer bla bla bla bla.... this lah that lah whatever lah but still mustn't let someone behind it to suka-suka hati to increase the market price one, if like that what if one day the Kangkong farmer see the RO can increase from 1 dollar to 10 dollars why not his Kangkong? So he also can suka-suka hati to increase to 10 dollars per Setumpuk wah!!!! Die lah like that!!!
You see lah... if continue like this the food we eat outside which have use RO sure kana up price one like Nasi Katok, Nasi Lemak, Nasi Beryani... 
I have to learn how to grow red onion now before one day I really eat GOLD!!!