Copy Cat Magic

Everybody also know that China is very famous and good in copy other people stuff one. Cars, Bags, Gadget, Cellphone, Food etc there is nothing they cannot copy one. As long as you say so sure they can copy. I really salute them one....
Now even the magic also wanted to copy. This magician claim that is this his great great grandfather's magic and pass down to him and he was performed at the CCTV during the CNY. But too bad his magic was so impressed to the public and yet people said that he is torturing the goldfish. I also wasn't impress by this China Man's magic coz I already watch this long time ago, he just copy other people magic lah!!!
Don't say you don't know.. this magic actually had already preformed long time ago about 6 years ago by a Japanese in one of the Japan's TV Channel.  

Pirated Magic Show.

Original Magic Show.