CNY 2011

I cannot go any Open House anymore... Eat here eat there like that I gain another 4 KG already siap lah have to slim down again.
Today I one time go to post my CNY holiday to show you all lah the reason I do this is because I know sure you people will get boring to see my post every day also about CNY if I update my blog. So today I do it one time at all. Btw the reason I seldom update my blog is because I don't want to do complaining stuff during CNY coz CNY time have to say good stuff one mah....
Ok so this year CNY I went to visit a lot people's house and places so here are the picture and people. 

I always the one who fixing and put up the lantern at home but this year I add one more Lion put next to the door...

This is our traditional stuff lah... prying for our ancestors during the day before 1st day of CNY.

Our neighbor from W.Malaysia they every year before CNY sure doing this, the Kuih Kapit!!!
Everything is do in traditional way... using charcoal one ah DPP.     

Seriously very yummy, Not too sweet and very crispy but too bad they don't do it for sell only do for themselves and give it some for us!! Nice!!  

The day before CNY we give our mother off day tell her not need to cook this year so we all went out and eat here.

This is my TIGER.LIM™ family photo. Every year 1st day of CNY we love do the family photo taking and there is lion dance perform at my home too. Sweet!!!

On the afternoon balik kampong at Sungai Liang. Classic!!! 

Kids Club House.... Cute.

I love this mini BBQ pit, sorry is not for sell and is made by his father!!! Awesome. 

Went to Limbang visit my wife's grandmother. One thing I like this place is I got DST line with my phone coz just across a river is Temburong very near Bukok and Rataie.
Above is new house below is old house...

Visit more open house.....

DOME's chicken pies.

DimSum breakfast at the Bandar.

Open house.....

Went to gadong and taking picture with my wife, kids and mother in law.