Your Way...or My Way.....

Hahahah nothing much to talk about this post but just want to share with you people how to have Yakult in a easy way. This is my way to drink Yakult but now I pass it to my daughter and I found that she also like it very much. You mind think that this Father really crazy sudah.. How can I teach a little girl to drink like that one, so bad!!! But  what to do.. I think this is the best way to drink it before to pay for it...hahaha and also it can reduce less waste too...!!! Try it and I'm sure you find it have a different taste of the flavor too..... heheheh but one thing disadvantage about this is you can't share to someone in the same time , Kalau couple Ok lah... romantic jua!!!!

Jerudong Park..

When is my last time here.....????? 10 years ago??? I think maybe is the Michael Jackson concert kali!!! hahaha... I really can't remember liao lah... anyway is long long long time of the donkey years ago lah!
But anyway today once again I come back here again but this time is with my wife and daughter. I also don't know why all of sudden I have the mood to bring them to come here... maybe that is because of "family  stuff"? In fact I want to bring them to the mall one but too bad today is the pay day... usually lah that area jam like kanasai one, want to go in already sudah..apa lagi want to look for a carpark. So suddenly my gila angin come, just bring them to Jerudong Park there jalan jalan. I notice my little angel she love this place very much and she running around the place like nobody else like that.
Hey...think about it this place is really good one you know.. although the place we adult people go there for many time during the 90's and of coz that place it wasn't that fun and good as 'WHAT' we use to have last time but yet this place is still very good for some family's day out stuff lah comon right!!!
I think this place is really good some time to bring your children here to play around.... don't just everytime is Xbox, WII WII,  PS 1,2,3 or Ipod, Ipad or iphone you and me!!! Out door activities always better than indoor one.. I think is place really good.. bring someone you love over here and enjoy the joyful, don't just think that... "Ai ya... last time go so many time already.... nothing one lah there"
But maybe is time to think about give our next generation an opportunities to bring them go there a see see look look the place???? Don't you think so??? 

Soup Changed But Same Tasted

The New Macbook Pro is out!!!
I'm not kinda impress by their new Macbook Pro loh actually.... It look not like nothing improve with the design in fact more look like reversing. Why I say like that? Because of the speaker's lobang loh. That is last two model of Macbook Pro style lah adui!!! Walaupun I am a Fans of Apple but of coz cannot apa pun  gonna buy it one lah. But if you ask me what laptop to buy or upgrade.... I would still say "Buy Macbook Pro" hehehe.... Ya I know I'm talking sit here!!! 

Nasi Padang

I never really try on the Indonesian foods one.... in my mind I only know Indo Mee Goreng and Ayam Penyet!!! I'm not kidding... In fact I don't really know how Indon's foods look like. But now thanks to Mr.Ho invite us bloggers and try with his new menu at the Pondok Seri Wangi Sengkurong branch ( same block with Pizza Hut) and now I had more understand the Indonesian foods. The reason I try with Indon foods is not I don't like to eat... is because I don't have friends really introducing me! same as like Philippinos foods... cuz I don't know what to order or what to eat there. If last time one of my friend didn't bring me to try eat at Pasar Malam at Bandar Ayam Penyet I think until now I also never try it too.
But  now after the foods testing with this fellers and now I kinda like to start having it every month!!!

Today we had the Pandang's dishes.This is their Soto Pandang. As  I say... this is my first time to try on the real+properly Indonesian food, I can say this is really good soto. Although I'm not a soto lover but this Soto Pandang is totally different with our local soto one!! The local soto you sure gonna put a lot of the Local Chili sauce (yellow cap) one but this soto pandang everything is nice already ( for me)   

Ayam Pop what an awesome name!!! I can't remember why is call Ayam Pop but one thing I sure remember this chicken is serve without the skin one... is original like that one so you don't go and think the chef had eat it  inside the kitchen there lah! Remember to eat it with their special black sauce and it POP out more delicious with the chicken. AH... maybe that is the reason why it call Ayam Pop!!! 

Telur Belado

Udang Sos Padang

Sotong Bakar

Daging Dengdeng Belado
Eat ah....... Who is slow then eat yourself ah!!!!

This...... this..... this is all I got..... you people don't left some for me!!!! Wo wo wo wo......

Roland & YenYen Wedding Reception

Golden Plate Chicken Rice

Ok..... this one I think some of you mind know the story of this restaurant but if you don't know yet now let me tell you what is all about lah. Basically is the one of the old chef "Ah Lau" from the T T Chicken Rice at Gadong. He quit his job there and now he open his own restaurant at the Batu Bersurat  which is the same block with Shikai Restaurant KFC office there. 
I'm sure you wanted to know how is the food there right! Basically what T T have and here also have and of coz there got other choices too, like the got chicken feet ( only serve on Fri, Sat and Sunday) Chicken Chop, Butter Egg Chicken etc.....
I can say that he has his own taste with his dishes but if you really want to put in compare with T T then I can say is better and delicious than them. 

Today I bring my family to have breakfast there, We had try his Fried Kuetiaw, Chicken Rice, Laksa, Kolomee and Fried BeeHoon and I can say is good... Not only is just good but also the price also Good... If you wish to eat the $3.00 of Chicken Rice not $3.20 and better than that... Try here.
I strongly recommended this place and remember to try they Laksa too. 
Of coz is good lah... last time is work with people but now work for himself of coz have to put more hearth into his own business one mah... Infact this is the original taste of T T restaurant back to the 30 year ago at the OLD Seri Complex in front the Seri Cinema there.  

Better Choice and Better Prices 

Congratulation To Roland & YenYen

Want to know anak siapa kahwin the answer is in this picture!!!

The Bothers.....

Son in law.... take good care my daughter ok...DPP!!!!!

Korea Superstar 培勇俊 Bae Yong Joon also come to attend the wedding.......... lol

Give way...Give way... my Taiko coming liao don't block the road!!!

Nice Ass..... 

Local Fashion vs Singapore Style....

Thank you thank you..... Thanks for coming....

Copy Cat Magic

Everybody also know that China is very famous and good in copy other people stuff one. Cars, Bags, Gadget, Cellphone, Food etc there is nothing they cannot copy one. As long as you say so sure they can copy. I really salute them one....
Now even the magic also wanted to copy. This magician claim that is this his great great grandfather's magic and pass down to him and he was performed at the CCTV during the CNY. But too bad his magic was so impressed to the public and yet people said that he is torturing the goldfish. I also wasn't impress by this China Man's magic coz I already watch this long time ago, he just copy other people magic lah!!!
Don't say you don't know.. this magic actually had already preformed long time ago about 6 years ago by a Japanese in one of the Japan's TV Channel.  

Pirated Magic Show.

Original Magic Show.

SIgn of Hope

Finally I smell an sign of hope for this building. Not need I say you also know where is this building located lah right. If I wasn't wrong I think this building has been like this for uncompleted for an decade, what is the reason it didn't complete then I don't know lah and also I don't want to know. All I want to see is one day this building can return the look it suppose to look like. I remember when the time it build people say inside have shopping mall, cinema and hotel and now I can't wait to see the D day come.

Beware This Items

Why I say have to beware for this items? There is nothing wrong with those item below it you buy from shop but it mind be wrong it you buy it from someone if is unknown where it come from. 
One of my reader he want me to help him to post this pictures, he want to inform the public that this item mind be is a stolen goods if you have happen to come across with this item. After he come back home from the holiday, his house has masuk pencuri during CNY and this are the items are stolen by those pencuri lah. So if someone selling this items to you I think you better think twice before you buy it walaupun is cheap.

Olympus digital camera.

Grey color Bicycle with named "SCOTT"

 A black 11 inch Dell Inspiron 11z laptop

And White 13 inch Dell XPS.

Chili Inside Chili

DPP.... Have you ever see capsicum inside got another baby capsicum???
This is really awesome!!!! Today is the last day of CNY a.k.a Chap Goh Mey my mom she was busy preparing tonight's dinner and she found out this. Hopefully this is a good sign for all of us lah!!!