Uncivilized Or What? Part II

Again I spotted one vehicle with this kind of nasty message sign behind their car! I wonder why is his trying to tell the world!! I feel like wanted ask can I try with his Mom!!! In case you have missed the part one click here. I'm not really like it and don't think this is a right way to show your MIND. I understand some people especially the youngster think this is not a big deal. It just  a STICKER only... ya you right is not  a big deal but it does a big deal if my daughter saw this one day and she ask me on the spot Daddy...Daddy... What is a FREEFUCKS*LESSON*!!!!
 Na... you see You tell me how am I gonna explain to her??? Oh ya I'm gonna say " A lesson we have to learn before we get marry" like that ka? 
I think this have to ban just like Books, Magazine, Internet, Tv, Radio or any public broadcast also ban for this kind of dirty nasty word come out. It should take action with this!!! 
If you really want to show please show in other way round lah like say/show a little the rest of the space let people think and guess like that ma!!!