Try Try No Harm

hahahahaha.... I'm not trying to encourage you people to go gambling here in this post but just want to share to you this is what I got from my wife's auntie who just came back from State. She bought me back a Powerball ticket which could be, maybe, should be, would be, will be, shall be win a $118 Million lottery ticket!!! Isn't it Awesome+Great+Siok+OMG is I really win this prize...hahahah
Ya lah... I know the chances to win this is very very very low and is like 0.000000000000001% but never mind lah for me is "Got Buy Got Win, No Buy No Win" so is a 50/50 thing lah.

This is the second time I buy Powerball; the 1st time is I bought at Perth which is last year and the grand prize is AUD$40 million. hahahah 40mil one year I spend 1mil and I need 40 years to finish it which mean by the time I already 80 years old. Now this Powerball from USA is 118 million which mean I have to 2.9mil every year then I can finish it when I was 80 years old... During the 40 years I cannot put the money in any bank coz if put in the bank they are going to give me the interest again... wah if like that I die die also cannot finish spending the money here liao.... Of coz lottery not going to pay you the full amount coz the government have to tax again. 118mil I think we only can get 75-80mil but still is more than enough wah... All my brother, sister, father/mother in law out law, nieces and nephew, ah dog-ah cat everyone I give one Mil still got left lah!!!  

hahaha... what is wrong with me early in the morning already dreaming... but once in awhile dream to be a rich person also good one coz it'll chill up your day. But say true true one lah... If I got this money here also got nothing to buy one... Buy Big Airplane cannot coz I don't know how to fly, Buy Big Boat also cannot coz not place to park, Buy Expensive Car no use coz no spare part and people maintaining,
Buy branded stuff don't have, Eat expensive foods don't have.... the only can buy is houses but still there is limited we can buy!!! So what's the use of having that amount of money here.... I think by having the living standard what we have here the money if I have I think I can use for my 6 generations to spend also not finish. I don't want much lah... I want 500K is enough already!!!