This Is All About

This is the project we been busy to do from last year! I believe some of you had read this Blue Flag stuff in the newspaper. So what is Blue Flag Program? Check here! We want to get this and put in the Meragang Beach for Brunei. Not only the Blue Flag we want to get but also we built a Environmental Information Center on the Beach too! This is a very big project and challenging for us... We hope we can success and give Brunei to have a international standard beach here! Isn't it Awesome? 
I had posted two video below both also showed on that day workshop. One is the Beach Bunch cleanup from 2009 to 2010 and the other video is about the Journey of Blue Flag see how and who we meet.
Ya lah.... so this is the reason why now you seldom see me post video that I made... yalo because of this lah... go here go there picture here and video there all about Blue Flag.