Think Big Awards Presentation

I ever saw this competition before but I don't remember when and where. I ask myself before how to think BIG to taking part of this contest.... I really don't have any idea on that time! I feel like this thing are very far to me.. Like the far far away from the galaxy!!!! I thought is like you have to come out a 20 pages Front and Back proposal  to them!!! I don't know.. I just don't know how they can come put the idea and win this ThinkBig Business Plan Aware! As I can see myself I'm not a Business man hahaha!
But is Ok lah walaupun I'm not that good but still I have a chance to attend they award presentation Thanks to iCENTER. I was shock to see something on the event... A 20k for the Winner!!! Wao.... that's a lot man!!!! Beside the sport game like Golf I think this is 1st time I see an award come with such a big cash prize. Ok lah... Next time I also want to join this award.. My business plan is to do "Car Renter"
My car renter is not for people to drive one... Is for Died People to use one!!! Buy 3 big luxury limo(for 3 different religion) here and rent for some people family member die, As you can see here in our country no matter how rich or how pool when you die here either your coffin is put into a Pickup or a Van and sent to the cemetery one... So no style one! Die already also want to have Gaya ma right!! Like those celebrity or presidents one!! I think this business can do and sure got business one. Don't expect everyday got people die lah rigth( touch wood touch wood) but a month sure got few business to do!!
  Anyone who want to be my business partner?????????? 
The co-winners for the ThinkBig BizPlan 2010/11

Congrats to both of you. Well done to your Love Food Hate Waste