Still Ok....? Not That Serious Yet????

This is the first time we cleanup the Muara Beach. I was 'Shock' when I see what I see there on the Beach. What I mean the beach is the sand part not the green grass part! All this is time I though that the beach has some department or section or contractor or company has maintaining and clean up one... Sekali I saw the beach is like 3 kilometer(or more) is full of rubbishes and logs... OMG I can't believe what I see man... I wandering where is this stuff come from.... why so many one!!! I remember my school time during the school holiday we always came to this beach and picnic here and on that time we can actually run on the sand and look up the skies nothing to worry except the jellyfish. But now you must look on the sand and beware get cuts on your feet.. I really can't walk on that beach with my naked feet there... Seriously that Muara Beach now is the worst beach I ever see in my life.
I though Jerudong and Tungku is the worst.... but now the Muara beach took away the trophy!!! 

 How bad is that beach now? Please look that the picture I took yesterday one. FYI those picture I took I swear to god I didn't do any editing. You see the picture is what I see there!!!
Is really really really really SAD to see it like that!!! I can't believe my childhood's Muara Beach has turn become like this!!! All this time we only cleanup the Tungku, Jerudong, Meragang and Serasa beach but never did here... I feel so sorry that I never CARE about this beach!!!
And I feel sorry to our next generation they can't have a nice and clean beach here. 

Seriously in my heart now I have tons and tons of things I what to say it out about this beach but it just I don't know how to put it into the sentences and words. 
I'm "Mad" because of still some people don't think this is a big deal...
I'm "Laugh" because I really saw people playing with rubbish on the beach...
I'm "UpSet" because I lost my memories here.....
and I'm "OK" because I believe there is have a little hope we can change our future!!!

Let the pictures talk!!!