One Year One Time

Ya is the one year one time Mcdonalds with their Prosperity Burger. Every year they only have serve this burger during/before the CNY. I used to it every year must go Jangkau this burger once...hahaha ya lah eat eat one time and hopefully I can have a prosperity year.

If you ask me does it work and really have a prosperity year?
 I can say the prosperity is all for the Uncle Mc loh!!! 
And how is the taste of the burger??? 
I can say is not nice coz I every year I eat this I feel my mouth is full of black pepper!!!
Am I going to have this burger again next year?
Yes I do; coz I already mind set by this burger...die die also have to eat once a year!
So yesterday Friday I went down to Miri  for shopping and I didn't notice is a payday so there is so many  local car going down also. Aiyo the sungai tujuh there very jam man. After the shopping we stop by at the Mcdonalds near the E-Mart there and grab this burger. They one sale $6.00 for this prosperity meal and I think is worth to eat lah. So after I eat this burger and hopefully this year Rabbit Year that I can have Prosperity Year lah!!!
p/s: if you haven't ever visit the McDonalds website click here and check out what they have and what we don't!!!

This is how it look like with the packing... I'm not sure how it looks like with the Brunei's Mcdonalds one but some people day is different and the size also we don't have long size one like this! Don't know sure or not maybe next time I go check check!!!